Karol Tomaszewski

Working for the best and with the best.
Im Creative Director / Visual Content Creator

My special power, is to combine knowledge and expertise form all visual fields.
But in very practical way, im not only throwing random ideas. I know not only “why” but also “how”
Director or Director of Pictures i take responsibility, and i can deliver content, that suits all the client needs.

With many campaigns, tones of celebrities i feel confident behind the camera. 

I believe in teamwork, and karma.



Born in 83

Over 350 photoshots as a photographer, countless projects as Creative Director

Live events Director, Ads Director - TVC & DIGITAL


Ambassador for Fomei Lightnig System

Today i work as Creative Director at Grupa Vidoq

I owe, a very cool studio :)

Feel free to comment, ask me "how to",  find more about my team...  call or send me an e-mail.